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Diamond Earrings

an·ti·quar·i·an [an-ti-kwair-ee-uhn]

  1. adj. - pertaining to antiquaries or to the study of antiquities.
  2. noun - one who studies, collects or is fond of antiquities.
  3. noun - an expert or collector of antiquities [syn: antiquary]
Antique Jewelry Periods

Jewelry which is described as "vintage" includes many different periods. The styles of each period are defined by the manufacturing technology available and the skill of the stone cutters of the era. The major antique jewelry periods include Georgian, Early cartoon porn videos Victorian, mid Victorian, late Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco & Retro. Antique diamond engagement rings seem to be in vogue now!


Georgian lesbian porn jewelry (1714-1837)

Georgian era jewelry is handmade & the quality of each piece will be variable. High quality Georgian jewelry is very rare. This period features nature inspired designs often using leaves & birds & jewelers frequently included precious stones in their designs.


Edwardian lesbian videos jewelry (1901-1910)

The Edwardian period started with the death of Queen Victoria and the subsequent coronation of her son Edward. During this period expensive gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds and rubies were set in elaborate and highly fashionable designs. Antique Edwardian diamond engagement rings are porno gay much sought after by brides these days!


Early Victorian - nude celebrities romantic jewelry (1837-1850)

The designs of this period are similar to Ge hot milfs orgian pieces in that they feature nature inspired designs which were delicately & intricately etched or engraved into gold. Lockets & brooches were predominantly worn during the day whereas colored gemstones and diamonds were worn mostly during the evening.